Back testing is the fastest way to learn profitable options strategies.

Back testing can save you months… even years of time spent on different ideas.

Professional options trading has one key advantage over most other businesses -- technology allows you to go back in time and practice years of trading, in any market condition, in just a few hours.

Most traders depend on recent experience alone to make important decisions about their strategies. They know market conditions will change, but they don’t have experience with trade adjustments in a changing market.

Without proper preparation these traders risk failing because they haven’t had the opportunity to practice their adjustment process. They haven’t conditioned themselves to be strategic – because they are distracted by the latest headlines and minute-by-minute price action. Traders must create good trading habits through repetition and practice.

The four laws of learning are explanation, demonstration, imitation and repetition. The goal is to create a correct habit that can be produced instinctively under great pressure. To make sure this goal was achieved, I created eight laws of learning — namely explanation, demonstration, imitation, repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, and repetition. John Wooden 

Ten years ago there were only two ways to learn how to consistently take the right actions in trading:

1) Be employed by someone who forced you to make the right decisions
2) Learn the hard way for several years

Now an independent options trader can develop consistency without years of trial and error. This is accomplished by practicing your trading when headlines and emotions are not involved. Back testing builds discipline and skill in a fraction of the time. And you can save on the “tuition costs” that the market charges inexperienced traders. All of this helps accelerate your learning curve and makes you a more confident and successful trader.

Because back testing is such an important part of saving time and money, I want to help you learn it as quickly as possible. Back testing has its own learning curve which can be reduced with coaching. And that is exactly what is being offered to you:

What is Options Back Test Coaching?

  • This personalized one-on-one coaching will teach you how to properly build, back test, and analyze options trading strategies.
  • This training is specifically for independent options traders with less than 5 years of experience that don't want to learn options trading the "hard way".
  • Back testing technology has made the learning curve much shorter for options traders. You can save years of expensive trial and error, build your confidence, condition yourself to make the right decisions, and accelerate your success.

Training topics (these will be customized for your trading preferences)

  1. How to organize your strategies, accounts, and trades so you can track what is working best
  2. How to pick the right strategies to meet your goals
  3. Identify the key differences between rules and guidelines
  4. How to properly plan your back test so you don't lose track of important information
  5. Learn how to master the keyboard to finish your back tests in half the time
  6. Learn simple short cuts to quickly identify strategies that are unreliable
  7. Learn how to export and analyze your trades using the same performance metrics that the big hedge funds use
  8. Track live results to make sure things are still working
  9. And more... Customized for your strategies and trading experience

If you are ready to accelerate your learning curve and avoid years of trial and error... then it's time for you to start Options Back Test Coaching

110% Risk Free Coaching

If your expectations are not met in the first hour, you'll receive your $250 back, plus another $25 for taking the time to try Options Back Test Coaching.

  • First Hour -- 110% Money Back Guarantee
  • One-on-one consulting is done with Andrew Falde via live web meeting
  • Meeting recordings are delivered for download

You must have access to OptionNET Explorer or OptionVUE. If you purchase 3 hours or more of Options Back Test Coaching, then your trial of OptionNET Explorer will be rebated ($90 value)

Get Started with One Hour 110% Risk Free for $250

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Back testing does not guarantee your ability to achieve the same results in the options market. Options trading is one of the riskiest investment strategies if executed incorrectly. Please consult with your financial adviser before committing your capital to the options market. is not an investment adviser. All information is provided for educational purposes only.