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Top Down TEA Video

Here is another “top down” look at which indices, sectors, and stocks are setting up for entries. There are very few sectors prime for entry since the broad market was up today, but there are still a few worth looking at.

when a plan comes together

Trend Defense

This post has been placed in the new forum. Read it now: “I Love it When a Plan Comes Together” In this post, I show how risky it is to not have a plan for proactively defending trends on the downside and upside. There are some cool pictures and charts. Check it out and feel free…

2014-7-2 Play

High TEA

We are in blue sky territory on SPY/SPX and the TEA indicator is bright green (stage 2 mark up in a bullish trend). A soft pull back didn’t effect the signal on the daily or weekly time frame, but the hourly is in a bullish yellow condition (stage 3 distribution). The interesting thing is that…

2014-7-7 SPY TEA

Portfolio Objectives

There are very few short set ups in the market these days. My objective is to continue to take long set ups (buying hourly consolidations and pullbacks on higher volatility stocks with daily and weekly bullish trends). The downside is covered in part by my SPX ratio spread that is net short Delta and has peak profit…

2014-7-3 TEA FCX

Taking an Exit

FEYE was a nice trade that demonstrates how the TEA indicator helps us exit when the trend fades. FCX shows us how we can hold winners.