Get years of options trading experience in just a few hours

The fastest way to learn profitable options strategies is back testing. Back testing can save you months… even years of time spent on different ideas. Professional options trading has one key advantage over most other businesses: Technology allows you to go back in time and practice years of trading, in any market condition, in just a few…


How to Navigate Divergence on a Bounce

Your strategy for navigating the increased volatility is crucial to avoid getting caught up in chasing the extremes. Here’s what I’m looking at: 1) Find stocks/sectors ignoring the bounce. These offer opportunities to leg into short trades on the broad market bounce. Examples: DE and RAD. 2) Find stocks/sectors that didn’t sell off. Make sure…

2014-7-29 Play

How to find bearish setups in a bullish trend

There are a lot of short setups coming across my radar… Is it a warning? an opportunity? At least we have evidence that the TEA indicator on multiple time frames can give us plenty of short exposure when the broad market is still inches from all time highs. Check out the video update: Join the…


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